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LOCAL PICK-UP: Lovely's – a vegan cookbook


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LOVELY’S follows a group of old friends who have become estranged since graduating art school.
They used to exhibit work together as ‘The Brush Monkeys’ but, for most of them, life has since come in between them and their ambitions. They are reunited after they each receive a letter from the mysterious philanthropist Bingo Lovelett, who invites them to visit his remote country residence for ‘a dinner party to remember’.
Anyone who’s anyone knows who Bingo is: founder of the Lovely’s Heavenly Burgers vegan restaurant empire. Our heroes used to hang out at one of his many restaurants, but why would he want to meet them? And why now, after all these years?
Over the course of the story the mystery unravels and we get to know the characters and the dynamic between them as they plumb the past, trying to make sense of it all.

Cookbook or comicbook?
LOVELY’S is both a comicbook and a cookbook. The book contains around 150 pages exploring ‘friendship, food, fantasy, fraud and f***ing capitalism’, peppered with recipes for the dishes that feature in the story. In this way the recipes add a dash of culinary fun to this bittersweet story.

The authors
Valentine Gallardo (1987, France) and Jonathan Beaton (1988, UK) are both non-Belgians living in Belgium – in the East-Flemish city of Ghent.

Valentine's work has previously been published in Europe with Atrabile, in the US with Space Face Books and online on VICE. Jonathan is a writer, translator and multimedia artist. He also likes to experiment with plant-based cookery. He leapt at the opportunity to collaborate with Valentine on a story that brings together a lot of their mutual experiences, interests and worldly concerns.

17X24 cm
ISBN : 9789082856903